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For high temperatures and high pressures
Field of application : For heating, cooling, condensing and evaporating. Typically used for high temperature and high pressure duties, e.g. in power, chemical, petrochemical and sugar industries
Description : A fully-welded, gasket-free heat exchanger combining highly efficient plates and a strong vessel construction. The asymmetric and flexible design allows extremely low pressure drop if required. Can be fully customised to meet individual needs

For high temperatures or high pressures
Field of application : For duties at high temperatures or pressures, frequently applied as an evaporator, condenser or heat exchanger for media where gaskets should be avoided. Strong construction excellent for steam duties
Description : A fully-welded, gasket-free heat exchanger combining highly efficient plates and a strong cylindric vessel construction

Welded plate pairs design
Field of application : Widely used for single and two-phase heat transfer in refrigeration, chemical, industrial and petrochemical markets. Designed with welded channels allowing handling of aggressive fluids
Descriptions : Corrugated plates welded in pairs. Pairs are separated by gaskets (welded pairs on process side, normal gasket technology on the secondary side)

Wide range of extendable frames to meet various quality needs
Field of application : Heating, cooling and heat recovery applications in the industry and energy segment for any duty including water, seawater, glycol, acid, gasses, oils, fats and detergents.
Description : Industrial frames in painted carbon steel. Available in either tie bar or spindle design
Pressure : 0 - 25 bar gauge (0 - 362 Psi)
Connections : 20 mm - 500 mm (3/4" - 20")
- Powder coating provides a strong surface of the head and follower
- Tie bars are removed horizontally sideways without removing the nuts, enabling quick dismantling
- Meet most industrial design standards, e.g. ASME, U-Stamp and PED Cat. IV (heavy duty approval)


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