Quick Overview

John Crane is more than just one of the world’s leading providers of engineered technology, supplying and serving the products used by their customers in energy services and other process industries.

Their outstanding reputation for designing and engineering high-quality, durable, customized solutions is globally recognized.

They combine technical expertise and innovation, geographic reach and superior quality standards, and customer service and responsibility to provide the reliability, efficiency and constant uptime on which their customers depend.

John Crane’s Product Line includes:

– Dry Gas
– Elastomer Bellows
– Labyrinth
– Metal Bellows
– Non-contacting
– O-Ring Pusher
– PTFE Bellows
– PTFE Wedge
– Slurry
– Split
– Vessel and Agitator
– Gas Seal Systems
– Wet Seal Systems
– Bearing Assemblies
– Bearing Isolators
– Fixed Geometry
– Tilting Pad
– Ancillaries
– General Industrial
– High Performance
– Filtration Systems
– Packing
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