Dollinger can claim a century-long history. Through our superior engineering capabilities, we have been able to develop and manufacture cutting-edge contaminant removal systems that dramatically improve air and fluid quality. We can thereby safeguard pipework, high-speed turbo compressors, turbines and blowers from damage or fouling of their moving parts, by the presence of harsh or aggressive contaminants, working under extreme operating conditions. This has made us a vital partner to companies involved in industry sectors like oil/gas, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, food/beverage, and aerospace.

Our diverse range of standard and custom-built solutions allows all manner of application criteria, using any type of media (air, gas or liquid), to be satisfied. Among these solutions are air intake filters, compressed air/gas particulate and coalescing filters, oil mist elimination and liquid process filtration, which span a broad range of different flow-rate and pressure parameters. Another important area for us is exhaust filters that enable the recovery of oil mist emissions, saving money on replenishing the lost lubricant.

Dollinger’s product lines are:

– Air Intake Filters
– Gas Filters
– Dollinger Liquid Filters
– Dollinger Oil Mist Eliminators
– Filtration Skids
– Spares & Accesories
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