An integral part of SPX FLOW. Bran+Luebbe serves a broad array of key industry sectors – including pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, paper manufacture, food/beverage production and utilities. Through ongoing investment in industrial engineering innovation. Bran+Luebbe’s engineering are able to provide an industry-leading product to a global customer base. This include metering pumps, process pumps, chemical injection apparatus, processing systems and multi-stream analyzing equipment, plus static and dynamic mixers. 

Robust and reliable, Bran+Luebbe fluid handling solutions can operate in the most uncompromising of industrial environments and deal with all manner of different liquid types. Cutting-edge desing help boost throughout, shorten measuring cycles, improves accuracy, accelerate responsiveness and maintain repeatability while reudicng power consumption and overall runiingn costs, Furthermore, their modularity makes them adapatable to specific customer demands.

Bran+Luebbe offers several product lines, as:
– Pumps
– Analyzers
– Systems
– Mixers&Blenders
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